Wellness plans are increasing in popularity in the veterinary community.

As veterinarians, we understand that pet care can come at a hefty price. Annual exams which incorporate vaccinations, bloodwork, and prevention can get expensive. This is why we have created customized treatment plans for your pet. With this solution, you are able to choose a plan where the cost for your pet's recommended annual care is broken up into easy monthly payments. Please ask us what we recommend be included in your pet's annual care package.

Wellness plans are a veterinary version of an in-house insurance policy. Essentially, you are choosing a variety of health services for your pet as part of a package and then splitting up the payments over 12 months. We can tailor these packages to include exactly what services your pet may need. An example of a wellness plan bundle may be an annual exam, vaccines, fecal test, heartworm test, adult blood panel, and a dental cleaning. The total cost of these services would be added up and then divided into more manageable monthly payments. We can also include your flea/tick and heartworm prevention into this bundle.

Please ask us about a plan for your pet if this sounds like a way to deliver the best healthcare for your companion. Call us today (571) 291-9110.

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