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5 Treats That Can Help Your Pets Teeth

March 18, 2022

Pet treats are crucial to their dental health.

They help pets keep their gums and teeth healthy. It is important that when choosing pet treats, you should consider the type of pet and their size. Younger animals need softer materials since they use their gums, and their teeth are yet to form. Treats will help ease their teething discomfort. Adult pets need tougher treats that help them exercise their jaws and teeth. The size of the pet treat should match the size of the pet.

Benefits of Treats

Pets need treats to help them relieve boredom and build good behavior. Pet treats add good nutrition and supplements to their diet. They promote oral care and help them have healthy gums and teeth. They also provide mental stimulation for your furry friend.

Treats That Helps Pets' Teeth

One of the benefits of treats is promoting good oral care. Hence, pet treats boost their dental health. However, make sure that you provide natural treats to your pet or those without chemicals or artificial sweeteners. The latter can damage your pet's teeth instead of helping them.

Treats can help your pet remove residue from their teeth. This way, they ensure there is nothing for bacteria to feed on and form plaque. The type of treats that will benefit your pet also complements their age, size, and overall oral health.

Dental Chews

They are the most popular kinds of treats, especially for dogs. Most dogs like giving their jaws a workout. What better way to do it than while enjoying something tasty? Dental chews allow superior chewing activity to animals that enjoy chewing while having nutritional value.

Chewing activates the production of saliva, the mouth's natural defense against plaque acids. It dilutes them so that they do not damage and erode the teeth. Saliva also washes away the remaining food debris from the teeth. It deals with bacteria before they have an opportunity to feed on these leftovers and produce plaque.

Dental Sticks

These are a great alternative to dental chews. They also allow for superior chewing activity. They keep your pet's jaw busy. They are easy for pets to hold. They also come in a variety of flavors and sizes.

Dental sticks are abrasive. Hence, they will rub on the tongue and the sides of the mouth, giving additional benefits. The abrasive nature cleans away plaque from these areas, protecting your pet's teeth.

Chew Toys

These may not be for eating, but they encourage saliva production. If the toy is abrasive, it provides cleaning action in your furry friend's mouth. It removes plaque even along the gumline, protecting their teeth.


Cats cannot resist the allure of catnip. Dental treats that have catnip flavor are the best for your cat. You can also get toys that are abrasive on the outside but have a provision in the middle for catnip. As your cat tries to get to the catnip in the middle, they get to clean their teeth in the process.

Feline Treats

Some cats enjoy chewing on things. Owners of such cats find that treats that look like biscuits are more appealing to their furry friends. These treats also have nutritional benefits to cats that aid in their dental health. They also have a variety of flavors that your cat will love.

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